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Today is a most significant day for us,  Siervas De San Jose and Lay Josephines because this is the day proclaimed by the Sacred Congregation of the Saints in Vatican as the official day to celebrate and commemorate the sainthood of our beloved Foundress, Mother Bonifacia Rodriguez de Castro.  Since it is also her birthday, our joy is doubled.  Present in the celebration are the co-workers of Talleres de Nazaret Quezon City, the Siervas de San Jose sisters, Lay Josephines and some friends. 

                We began the day of the celebration with special lauds followed by the Holy Eucharist in the Provincial House Chapel.  It was prepared with love and dedication by the Talleres de Nazaret of Quezon City (TDNQC) co-workers.  Bishop Rolly Santos, Bishop of the Diocese of Alotau, Papua New Guinea, and Fr. Gener, the long-time Spiritual Guide of TDNQC, concelebrated. Both stressed in their shared homily the sainthood of St. B0nifacia, simple cordmaker of Salamanca, Spain, who sanctified her ordinary day-to-day work into an encounter with God Who marked it with the seal of the Holy Spirit (Tatak Espiritu).  We felt inspired and challenged by the heroic virtues of such a simple woman.

                After the Eucharist, we moved to the newly constructed SSJ Heritage Center extension,  Nazareth Dining Hall and Butina Multi-Purpose Hall, for the blessing. We then proceeded to the Provincial House to hold the Raffle Draw spearheaded by the SSJ Commission on Economy. Cheers gave joy and color to the much-awaited activity.  The deserving winners of three of the five major prizes are from Silay City, Negros Occidental. Among the those who garnered the two other major prizes and 10 consolation prizes are a Tdnqc co-worker, two SSJ communities, TDNQC clients, and some relatives and friends of the SSJ.  

                As a fitting conclusion of the day’s event, we had the traditional lunch fellowship. Praised by God for all his many blessings, the greatest of which is the person of our dear Foundress.  St. Bonifacia, pray for us!