siervas de san jose


siervas de san jose

















Provincial House, Quezon City
December 13, 2012


The closing Eucharistic Celebration of the Encounter of the Team of the Congregation composed of Lillian, Maria, Mariana, Gloria, Yoly, Maricarmen, Emilia, Juana Maria and Milagros,  was a fitting culmination of the month-long labor of love and solidarity of minds and hearts of the whole Congregation.  The introduction of Alicia aptly captured the essence of the Encounter which was guided by the theme “Nuestro tiempo es sagrado… nuestro liderazco es un don, y nuestros desafios son bendiciones.”  The songs, in Spanish, English and Filipino, likewise contained the message of the readings from Isaiah, read by Mariana,  and the Gospel and inspiring and challenging homily by the Mass Presider Fr, Jojo Magadia, SJ,  the present Provincial Coordinator of the Jesuits and incoming General Councilor.  Lillian led the faithful  present in the intercessions, which were deep and very reflective of the present  situation of the Philippines and relevant to the historical event of the Encounter of the Congregational Team in the Province.   Juani, Mila, Maricarmen, Emilia, Maria, Gloria and Yoly took part in the Offertory procession.

After Communion, a video clip was presented, showing the members of the   Team of the Congregation, in their various moments, from the Opening Mass, to the visits to the various Communities in both Luzon and the Visayas, and their respective apostolic centers/involvements, as well as the team’s exposure to the contrasting areas of Metro Manila, the depressed areas and the affluent ones.  Their cultural visits to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Intramuros, Rizal Park, and the like, the different housing projects of the different Talleres de Nazaret in Bulacan, Zabarte and Pateros, the Congregational Outing in Phillip Sanctuary featuring theBarrio Fiesta, were moments of enjoyment, bonding and solidarity, and enrichment.


The closing celebration ended with the traditional joy-filled merienda cena, another symbol of bonding among sisters, collaborators, guests, and some Lay Josephines. Ms. Zeribern Lozada, our invited guest, a second year College of Music student of the University of Sto. Tomas, rendered some songs to the delight of everyone. Adding color and excitement to thesisterly camaraderie was a free “caterpillar” ride, courtesy of Holy Family School, in connectionwith its 46th Foundation Day Celebration. After all that have been said and done the past weeks, we can only say “Praise and thanks to God for his love and his grace, and for the gift of the persons of our sisters in the Congregational Team, who in their silent and loving work, have shown us that work indeed is good news, and that it is love in action. Through their presence and Encounter, we really feel our oneness with the whole Congregation and with all the people to whom we are sent. Thank you, dear sisters, for sharing with us your sacred time, the gift of your governance, and the blessings of your challenges.