siervas de san jose


siervas de san jose




St. Joseph’s Conference Room
SSJ Provincial House, Quezon City
April 21, 2013, 8:00 AM to 12:00 NN


  The famous quote, “Many are called but few are chosen” very well describes the attendance of Life Direction Session Part 2 held at the ST. Joseph’s Conference Room of the SSJ Provincial House last April 22, 2013.  Only two, namely Gladys and Micah, of the eight young adults who already attended Life Direction Session Part 1 were able to make it due to one reason or another.  Gladys came all the way from Oriental Mindoro, just for the occasion. The two were cordially welcomed by SSJ Junior Teresa and the facilitators Srs. Beatriz and Maripaz.  Sr. Edith joined the group  later.

     The in-depth faith and life sharings during the Session were impressive, inspiring, and life-giving. Serious statements and questions regarding paradigm shifts and vocational commitment aroused the interest and excitement of all.  The deep bonding and interaction of the group gave such great joy to everyone.        Truly, the presence of the Risen Christ in each one’s life was profoundly shared and felt.  One clear manifestation of this is the decision of one to start the aspirancy period from home.   Thanks be to God, alleluia!