siervas de san jose


siervas de san jose



June 16, 2013
Provincial House Prayer Room

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On June 16, 2013, at a little past eight,  2 young adult workers, Maolen and Yumi, 2 fresh college graduates, Joy and Margz,  and 3 college students, Lyra, Tin, and Ces,  gathered in the Prayer Room of the Provincial House to participate in the LIFE DIRECTION SESSION 2 facilitated by Srs. Cathy, Maria, Gene,  Thiet, and Paz, SSJ.

            A deep, natural, and spontaneous sharing of feelings and of faith and life experiences  made known the profound relationship of the participants with the Lord.  Mutual trust and openness, were evident, and these facilitated both the sharing and the bonding. The filling snacks enhanced the fellowship.  The session was highlighted by an interesting creative activity.